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Christmas trees have arrived and are now ready for sale from tomorrow (Tuesday 28th Nov)

I am opening extended hours this week so Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we will be open until 5pm.

We will not be able to offer trimming or stand fitting during this week, only at the weekend when we have a chainsaw running!

After the amazing success of last year, we are running our campaign again 'Winterbrook Wrap Up' where we encourage you to bring a single duvet cover along when buying your tree (to transport the tree home inside, like a giant cotton bag) and in return for doing this and not having plastic netting, we will donate £1 to charity and match the final amount raised. So a simple duvet cover can help the environment but also benefit our chosen charity (this year it is Crisis) - win win!!

We are the only nursery to do this and it is our own campaign in it's fourth year now!


Please note: We have taken the decision this year to no longer reserve trees for people unless they are paid for first and they have chosen their tree.

Choosing a tree is a very important decision, with everyone wanting a different shape, height and width!

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John Cottrell photographed holding a Posi Pot with a plant inside it
An image of a wooden clas greenhouse surrounded by benches filled with plants
A banner which shows a photo of Suzy the nursery cat surrounded by plants