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News & Updates

           We have opened again for Spring and Summer!

           We will be open as usual see the opening times here

  and we will welcoming back The Robins Nest pop

up on these dates:

11th  & 12th of June

2nd & 3rd of July


We will be closed on Thursday 26th of May, Sunday 5th of June & Friday 17th of June -

sorry for this.

Pea sticks and bean rods newly stocked and we have a two more handmade hazel wigwams by Mark Cottrell, grown locally and managed sustainably.

The perennials are now starting to show lots of colour, with Salvias already producing a rainbow of colour on the benches. The bout of sunny, warm weather has helped to get the plants growing. I am creating a lovely selection of peat free, site grown annuals for cutting including Cosmos, Ammi, Straw Flowers and

Poppies which I have chosen so you can plant at them in a home garden and cut from them every week. They are all insect friendly and should encourage everyone to try and grow their own British cut flowers.

The Cannas, Delphiniums and Digitalis are looking lovely!

We are so pleased to be open once again and look forward to catching up and hearing about all

your gardening news and plans for your garden.

IMG_4925 2.JPG
IMG_4924 2.JPG
John Cottrell photographed holding a Posi Pot with a plant inside it
An image of a wooden clas greenhouse surrounded by benches filled with plants
A banner which shows a photo of Suzy the nursery cat surrounded by plants
John Cottrell & Hanna Armitage standing in front of their greenhouse shop