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Frequently Asked Questions

People have lots of questions to ask us about our business and how it works practically, why we do what we do!

  • Do you accept National Garden Centre vouchers? - No we don't as we are an independent nursery we are not signed up to national schemes. We do offer our own gift vouchers to use in store! They can be from £5-£100 and can be used on garden antiques, compost & plants.

  • Do you have a loyalty scheme or offer discounts to Gardening Clubs? - Currently we do not run a loyalty scheme & or a discount programme as we are ploughing all our money into our plants & sustainable products. Unfortunately being sustainable costs more money in the production & care so we focus on doing the best we can in this area.

  • Why are your plants more expensive than a supermarket or garden centre? - We try our very best to offer the most competitive price we can on all our plants. We cannot compete with larger chains or retail giants like the supermarkets that are down the road, however we can offer you quality & assurance that the plants you buy from us have been watered with harvested rainwater, has been grown from seed in peat free compost (more expensive to do), has been potted on from a seed to a fully sized plant on the nursery. The plant will have been nurtured & looked at everyday that it is on the bench for sale, being deadheaded regularly & checked over by hand. All the plants grown on site are pest free & have not been flown on with any airborne disease or pest. We pride ourselves on quality, not quantity.

  • Why don't you sell bedding plants? - We do not sell or grow bedding as it is so competitive around us. We also believe that bedding is not sustainable or value for money & prefer to focus on a good range of herbaceous perennials.

  • What are Posi Pots and why do you use them? - Posi Pots are a cardboard alternative to a traditional plastic plant pot. We are the first nursery outside of Kent to invest in using Posi Pots as we believe the simple design is an innovative & important alternative to plastic pots. We decided that we didn't want to add anymore plastic to the for  consumers to have to get rid of.

  • Do you recycle plastic pots and will you take mine?! - Currently we cannot accept any more plastic pots as we were inundated with stacks of them when we launched our recycling scheme last September! We were taking in any used pots, sterilising them and re-using them for our stock on the nursery. We have enough in the chain at the moment but when we need more we will advertise on our Facebook site!

  • Do you loan or hire out plants for events? - We no longer loan out plants from our nursery stock as we have some issues in the past with stock going missing or not being returned, sadly because of these experiences we can no longer loan out our stock.

  • Do you take on volunteers/have any job vacancies? - As my dad and I are working at the nursery & building up again from scratch with a new business, we work crazy hours (especially my dad who works full time as a landscaper!) & we have decided against having any volunteer help at the moment as we are too disorganised to plan out jobs for someone else to do! Eventually we would love to maybe find someone and we have been shocked by the amount of people asking to help out! We do not have any job vacancies as we cannot afford to pay anyone (or ourselves yet!) but one day hopefully this will change.

  • Why do you have strange opening hours?! - I currently manage the nursery, the shop & all the growing from propagation to the plant going on sale. I also have two young daughters and I have to make sure I can do the school run which means a 10-2pm day on a Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and every weekend 10-4. Our nursery is seasonal & we plan on opening from March through to September. In December we sell Christmas trees.

  • What are you plans for the future? - We want to become more sustainable & eventually get rid of plastic compost bags & offer a bag for life scheme where we can buy our favourite Dalefoot peat free compost in bulk & fill our bags for life to make it cheaper & more sustainable. We want to grow more plants from seed on site as we currently buy some stock from Babylon Plants in Watlington to bulk up our benches when stock is looking low! We want to extend our stock borders to show what we are growing & how it can work in a design. We want to sell fruit trees. We want to add an orchard and cut flower garden to our land opposite the nursery.

  • Are you interested in having bees on your land? - We have been asked by so many bee keepers & people starting out at bee keeping, if we would be interested in having a hive on our land or the new orchards we want to create. At the moment we cannot take on any other project or commit to anyone who has approached us to do this but it is something we might like to investigate in the future when the timing is right for us as a business.

  • How do you manage pests on the nursery? - The actual worst pest I have is a pesky squirrel who has constantly buried walnuts & hazel nuts in every plant out on benches! It's a nightmare. The other pests are mice who dig up & eat my bulbs! We have taken on a mother & daughter feral cat (Steph & Suzie) who are around to help control the mice & rabbits. We have snails & slugs which are a pain but we tend to hand pick them from the plants and throw them into the green manure we create from the old plant leaves/deadheaded matter we collect to rot down. We use nematodes at the end of each season (Autumn) to treat any vine weevil that might be around in the plants (we haven't had any but prevention is better than cure!) & last year we did suffer from mildew due to the weather being so hot & then damp. This was especially bad on Geraniums & Geums where the leaves were nestled close together. We used a mixture of ordinary washing up liquid & a teaspoon of baking powder diluted with water in an old spray bottle to get rid of mildew and mildew spots on our plants. This was an effective way of controlling it if applied regularly!

Suzie the feral cat - chief pest controller!

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