Winterbrook Garden Nurseries, High Rd, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Wallingford OX10 0PS, UK

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Winterbrook Garden Nurseries

Our traditional, family run nursery

Winterbrook Garden Nurseries was created over 30 years ago by John & Deirdre Cottrell & was originally located in Winterbrook, Wallingford.

In the following years, the nursery relocated to the outskirts of the stunning village of Brightwell, where John & his family ran the plant nursery next to their family home.

With the pressure of running his own a successful landscaping business, my dad, John made the difficult decision to rent out the site & focus on Winterbrook Garden Services. 

Over the years, the site has been rented by two different tenants in the former name of Wears Nursery.

Fast forward to April 2018 & we discovered that due to unforeseen circumstances, the nursery was going to be unexpectedly vacated.

As a family, we felt it was the right time to return to the nursery business & run it ourselves. The task felt overwhelming but we got on with it in any spare time we had & began to first alter, refresh & renovate the site.

We opened for sale weekends during May & September last year & discovered just how much the nursery was loved by the loyal following it had gained over the years. We had the chance to chat with people & explain the change in circumstance, reassuring a lot of people that we were not going to close down!

We will continue to grow unusual & rare plants on site in our glasshouses but we also hope to introduce more shrubs & trees to our stock eventually.

We will regularly be updating our plant list.

We have also introduced a hand picked selection of garden curio & architectural salvage (another of our passions!) & Hanna Cottrell Designs pop up shop which we have located within in the nursery (I used to be in the car park!).

The beauty of our traditional nursery is that it's a one off, a little treasure in amongst the commercial plant retailers surrounding us. We want your visit to be special and to offer something different and extra-ordinary!

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