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Innovation to stop plastic pots


Peat free compost with added sheep wool!


Healthier plants

We are one of the first nurseries in the UK to adopt the Posipot created in Kent & featured on Gardeners World back in 2019.
As soon as we saw the feature, I phoned the inventor & asked if we could order some as the simplicity of the design was fascinating but so simple!
Our aim is to stop plastic pots leaving the site & going home with customers, stopping the chain of plastic waste before it reaches your garden.
The reaction to the Posipot has been so positive & it has become a real feature of making our nursery progressive.

As peat bogs in the UK & Ireland are in real decline, destroying the nature balance in the landscape & wildlife, we wanted to find a peat free alternative to use on our stock & sell to our customers. After lots of research & trials we decided that Dalefoot was the best by far & we LOVE it! our plants are healthier & the use of wool (a bi-product from sheep farmers which would go to waste as it's not in demand currently) retains the water which is much better than coir (coconut fibre which tends to be very dry & has to be flown across the World) this compost also contains natural bracken found in the Lake District so it will break down over 12 months & feed your plants meaning no extra feeding needs to be done!

John Cottrell of the nursery photographed using peat free compost to pot up plants on site

On the nursery we collect all the rainwater from the buildings & it goes into an underground tank. We use the rainwater to water all the plants on site & have found that it has made the plants healthier & greener! The beauty of the rainwater is that it is not as hard with less limescale than the mains water.

A photo showing a selection of antique galvinsied watering cans on a bench in the nursery
A photo of the nursery for a feature in Reclaim magazine
Sustainability: Services
A plant in our alternative to a plastic plant plant. A cardboard pot called a Posi Pot
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